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What's New in the 23.01 Release of CI360
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System Notifications on the Home Page
Starting with this release, a notification bar might periodically appear on the Home page. The notification bar includes a brief message summary with a link to more information about SAS Customer Intelligence 360 system maintenance, upgrades, and other system-wide activity that might affect your work. To learn more about the notification bar, see


Icons and color-coding differentiate the types of messages. If there is no activity to communicate, the notification bar is not displayed.


Integrate SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Mobile SDKs with a React Native App
Documentation is now available that supports the integration of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 mobile SDKs for Android and iOS with a mobile app that is built using React Native technology.


SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Mobile SDK Integration with a React Native App: Cookbook shows how to create a plug-in that adds the capabilities of SAS Customer Intelligence mobile SDKs. In addition, there is a Mobile SDK React Native Sample package (.zip) that contains a sample React Native project (mobile-sdk-react-native).


A Xamarin cookbook is planned for a future release. A Flutter cookbook was delivered in release 22.12.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital)


Import Users in a Batch
You can now simultaneously add up to 100 users to SAS Customer Intelligence 360. Select General Settings => User Management to access the Users list page. The page includes an option to import users by uploading a .csv file that lists valid email addresses of the users.


The application performs the necessary validations to ensure that the size and format of the .csv file are supported and that the number of users in the import file does not exceed 100. The application also checks for duplicate users and for email addresses that are invalid or that exceed the maximum character limit.


This feature enables you to quickly and effectively add a large number of users, assign roles, and select groups for all the selected users.


Referencing Shared Assets in Email Content
In this release, email designers can use the dynamic asset element to reference content from Asset Manager. Currently, selected content is copied from the Asset Manager into each email task where it is used as a static copy. By referencing the content, it is not copied into each email task. Instead the content becomes easily reusable and updatable across email tasks. This feature can dramatically reduce the effort that is required to update email content with common elements.


For example, you might have HTML content in Asset Manager that you use as the header and footer for all your email tasks. In previous releases, the header and footer would be included in each email task as a static copy of the original source. If the original source for the header and footer changed, you would need to go into each email task and replace those elements with the new content.


With dynamic assets, you can change the original source of the asset by creating a new version. The application shows you how many tasks the update will affect if you continue to save the version. If you choose to continue, the tasks that contain dynamic content are automatically updated with the new version. So, if you update the source assets for your header and footer, all of your email tasks will automatically include those updates without requiring any manual changes.


When dynamic assets are added to an email task, assets.png is displayed in the bottom left corner of the element.


This is an example of a dynamic asset in Layout Manager:




This example shows a dynamic asset in HTML code:




Note: Dynamic assets use only HTML assets. Merge tags that are used in the content of a dynamic asset (such as system merge tags) can be resolved globally.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Email)


Agents for Optimize and Direct Access Points Support SAS 9.4M8
This release of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 includes new on-premises agents for optimize access points and direct access points. You can use these agents with the eighth maintenance release for SAS 9.4, which is called SAS 9.4M8.


Navigate to Download Framework for the optimize or direct access point to specify which maintenance release of SAS 9.4 you use.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct and SAS 360 Engage: Optimize)


Enhanced User Interface and Configurable Templates for Connectors
Now you can create and manage connectors from a modernized user interface that provides an enhanced user experience. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides connector templates in a wizard format that takes you through a process for configuring connector settings. Preconfigured and customizable templates enable you to set up and use integrations with third-party applications that are hosted in the cloud or on premises. You can set up connectors to deliver content to or seamlessly integrate with platforms such as social media applications and popular messaging channels.


With this release, you can access a new user interface and use templates for creating a custom connector or a SAS Intelligent Decisioning connector.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital and SAS 360 Engage: Direct)


Calculated Data Items Support Timestamp Data Type
In this release of SAS Customer Intelligence 360, you can use timestamp data types when you create calculated data items.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct)


Specify Access to User Interface and API Gateway
Now you can configure tenant-level settings to specify the range of IP addresses that can access the user interface and make API calls. From the navigation bar, click General Settings and select External Access => Tenant Access. You can specify the range of IP addresses for the user interface only, the API gateway only, or both the user interface and the API gateway. 



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