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What's New in the 22.12 Release of CI360
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Support Added for Additional Font Sizes in Emails
More font sizes are available in the layout manager. The additional font sizes give you more options for sizing the text in your email content. You can set the font size in the layout manager in these areas:


  • General Layout Settings => Default Text Settings
  • Font size drop-down lists that are available for elements with text

Starting with release 22.12, these additional font sizes are available: 13, 15, 17, 32, 44, and 60.

(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Email)


Integrate SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Mobile SDKs with a Flutter App
SAS recognizes that developers might use certain hybrid app development frameworks to design mobile apps. For example, a developer might use Flutter, which is an open-source software development kit, to design a native mobile application that uses only one codebase for both Android and iOS.


Documentation is now available that supports the integration of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 mobile SDKs for Android and iOS with a mobile app that is built using Flutter technology. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Mobile SDK Integration with a Flutter App: Cookbook shows how to create a plug-in that adds the capabilities of SAS Customer Intelligence mobile SDKs. In addition, there is a Mobile SDK Flutter Sample package (.zip) that contains a sample Flutter project (mobile_sdk_flutter).


Additional cookbooks for non-native app integration are planned for future releases.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital)


Release the Lock on Tasks and Segments
Starting with the 22.08 release, tasks and segments are locked when a user opens an item. The lock is released when the item is explicitly closed. However, locks on items are not released if a user closes their browser without explicitly closing the locked items. This is because the application cannot detect that the browser was closed.


To address this situation, the application now releases all locks that are still in place after 24 hours of being set. This update enables other users to edit an item that was locked but never explicitly released.


Note: When this update is activated, all existing locks are cleared. This reset is a one-time event that will be performed during the maintenance window for the 22.12 release.


Use Copy Item API for Direct Marketing Tasks
Note: This feature is being released incrementally and might not be available yet for your tenant. Contact your SAS representative if you have questions about this feature’s availability.


The latest version of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 adds the ability to package and copy direct marketing tasks with the Copy Item API.


The initial release of the Copy Item API enabled you to copy the following items between tenants:

  • Calculated data items
  • Creatives
  • Export templates
  • Messages
  • On-premises segment maps

(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct)



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