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What's New in the 20.09 Release of CI360
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This release of SAS Customer Intelligence 360 includes the following new features and enhancements.


Configure Columns in Table Views

You can now configure the columns that are displayed in table views throughout SAS Customer Intelligence 360. The ability to show or hide columns enables you to display only the columns that you need. You can change the column order, the width of the columns, and how the columns are sorted. Your configuration changes persist across user sessions.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital, SAS 360 Engage: Direct, SAS 360 Engage: Email, SAS 360 Discover, and SAS 360 Plan)


Add Associated Images for Connectors and Tile View
As an administrator, when you configure connectors, you can now add an associated image for each connector. The connectors list also provides an optional tile view in addition to the table view. The associated images and tile view provide a visual option to identify and differentiate connectors.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital, SAS 360 Engage: Direct, SAS 360 Engage: Email, SAS 360 Discover, and SAS 360 Plan)


Use Business Contexts to Limit Access to Information
Administrators can now use business contexts to define the access that users and groups have to information that is associated with on-premises export templates, direct marketing tasks, and segment maps. Only members of an associated business context can access these object types. A user with access to multiple business contexts must select a business context when they create an object type. An information map path is associated with each business context, which enables multiple information maps to exist in a single tenant.


A business context is used to restrict the data access to only the information that is required for a specific business need. For example, an administrator might want to create a business context named USCustomers that limits access to only the data for customers in the United States. If the administrator assigns the USCustomers business context to an on-premises segment, the segment is available only to users and groups with access to the same business context.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct)


Customize Permissions for Tasks, Segments, and Planning Items
Permissions enable administrators to define the type of access that users and groups have to tasks, segment maps, and planning items. Administrators can customize the default permissions for a segment, task, or planning hierarchy level. If the default permissions are not customized, a user’s access to that item is defined by their role. If the default permissions are customized, a predefined set of users and groups is automatically populated on the Permissions tab of a new item. Edit and View access to an item is managed on the Permissions tab.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct, SAS Engage: Digital, and SAS 360 Plan)


Check the Version of the Direct Marketing Agent
A new option in the direct marketing agent enables you to view the current version of the agent. The new command option is dm version, which can be used on the command line just like any other command. The release number of the direct marketing agent and build number of the direct marketing agent are returned from the command line.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct)


Filter the Visits Report and the Advertising and Campaigns Report by Domain
A new domain filter is available for the daily Visits report and the daily Advertising and Campaigns report. The filter enables organizations that have multiple domains to review the data that is specific to a domain. Here is  an example of the filter for the Advertising and Campaigns report.


Domain Filter




(Available in SAS 360 Discover)


Detailed Link Tracking in Emails
Emails now support detailed link tracking, which enables you to determine the parts of an email that resonate with recipients. Email designers can use labels to classify each link type and organize the links into link groups.


If a recipient responds to a specific content element in an email task, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 can generate the following events:

  • email click event (for custom links)
  • email view event (for view-on-web links)
  • email opt-out event (for unsubscribe links)


When these events are generated, they are now populated with these new attributes:

  • link ID
  • link group (the name that is assigned to the link’s group)
  • link name (the name that is assigned to the tracking label)
  • recipient domain (which represents the email client of the recipient)


You can use this new data in the following ways:

  • Get more out of the link engagement reports on the Insights tab of the email task.
  • Review the data by downloading the data tables from the Unified Data Model (UDM).
  • Use the new data as criteria for task targeting.
  • Use the new data as triggers for a task.


Link tracking can be configured in the Layout Editor for any content element with a “Call-to-action link”.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Email)


Initial Testing of the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Mobile SDK Running on Android 11 and iOS 14
In preparation for the releases of the next mobile operating systems (OS) for Android and iOS in Q3 of 2020, SAS has verified that the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 mobile SDK works with devices and emulators that are running Android 11 and iOS 14.


The following areas were tested:


  • data collection
  • publishing content for these types of creatives:
    • mobile spots
    • mobile in-app messages
    • mobile push notifications
  • triggering based on geofence-based events


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital)


Filter Commitments and Invoices by Cost Center and Cost Category
In the commitments and invoices lists, you can now filter items by cost center and cost category in the advanced filter pane.


When you add line items for invoices or commitments, you specify a cost center and cost category for each line item. The ability to filter by cost center and cost category enables you to get a list of commitments or invoices that have one or more line items that are associated with the cost center or cost category. This feature gives you additional flexibility to find and display a specific set of invoices or commitments.


(Available in SAS 360 Plan)


Disable Comments for Specific Marketing Hierarchy Levels
Administrators can now disable the comments feature for specific levels in the marketing hierarchy. This option provides additional flexibility to customize the features that are available for each marketing hierarchy level. For example, you might want to disable this option based on corporate policies that are related to employee collaboration. If comments are disabled for a specific level, the comments icon is removed from the user interface.


You access this feature from General Settings=>Plan=>Marketing Hierarchies. Click the Configuration icon for the level whose comments you want to disable, and then deselect Enable Comments.


(Available in SAS 360 Plan)


New Selectors for Email Reports
The Insights menu provides additional options to refine your selection of email reports. When you configure your report, you can select up to five email reports to view at a time and specify a date range by using preset or custom dates.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital, SAS 360 Engage: Direct, SAS 360 Engage: Email, SAS 360 Discover, and SAS 360 Plan)



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