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What's New in the 22.01 Release of CI360
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New Method of Uploading Geofence Data
The option that is used to upload geofence location data has moved to a new location. Starting with this release, navigate to General Settings => Content Delivery => Mobile Applications to upload geofence data. Select the mobile app for which you want to upload geofence or beacon data, click objectInspector.svg.generated.png, and then select the CSV file to upload.


This new method of uploading location data places the option with other settings that are related to mobile application management.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital)


Improved Error Message for Entry of Mobile Certificates
If there are issues with your messaging key or certificate registration, the user interface provides an improved, detailed error message, when appropriate.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital)


Update to Email Header Information
As of this release, the To field in an email task can be populated using only the merge tag option. Manually entering hardcoded email addresses in the To field is no longer supported. If you want to send a test email to a single email or a list of internal recipients, you can use the email preview function.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Email)


New REST API to Execute Segment Maps and Direct Marketing Tasks
Administrators can now execute segment maps and direct marketing tasks by using the Marketing Execution REST API (/marketingExecution). This REST API enables you to run operations on direct marketing tasks.


Published tasks can be executed by calling the REST API and sending either the task ID or the task name. If the task’s name is not unique, you can send the folderPath parameter to uniquely identify which task should be executed.


Note: By default, the REST API does not execute tasks that have a defined schedule. However, an administrator can send the overrideSchedule parameter to override the defined schedule and execute the task when the request is submitted.


The REST API returns a URL that enables you to check the status of the execution (also known as the occurrence). This status gives you the ability to see whether the task executed successfully and the time stamps for when the task started and finished.


The Marketing Execution REST API enables administrators to execute these tasks with an external scheduler. Furthermore, administrators can manage all the dependencies on demand, such as uploading customer data, imported lists, or transient files after an on-premises warehouse has been updated. This feature provides more flexibility for fluent schedules or delays in processes that need to happen before the task execution.


For more information, see Marketing Execution REST API in SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Programming Interfaces.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Direct and SAS 360 Engage: Digital)


Additional Component Statuses Included in Maintenance Notifications
The SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 status page ( currently shows seven components and their respective statuses. These seven components are also used in maintenance notifications and in the RSS feed to indicate which parts of the solution might be affected.


The current components are as follows:


  • Data Collection Services
  • User Interface
  • APIs
  • Engage Content Delivery
  • Engage Email Delivery
  • Reporting Services
  • SparkPost Email Service


Each of the seven components includes large functional areas of the solution. However, often only a small subset of functionality is affected by maintenance or an incident.


Starting on January 21, 2022, the status page will list 16 components that show more specifically which functionality is affected. The complete list of new components is provided here:


  • Web and Mobile App Data Collection
  • Accessing the User Interface
  • Changing and Publishing Tasks
  • Managing Workflows and Receiving Notifications
  • Download of UDM
  • Injecting and Receiving Events through the API Gateway
  • Executing Tasks and Segment Maps via the API
  • Upload of Customer Data, Imported Lists, or Transient Files (Includes Uploading of Segments from Classic CI)
  • 360 Plan Related APIs
  • Delivery of Web and Mobile Spot Content
  • Delivery of Mobile Messages (push, in-app)
  • Delivery of Emails
  • Insights
  • Execution of Direct Marketing Tasks and Segment Maps
  • Using Email Overview and Spam Test (Email On Acid)
  • SparkPost Email Service


After this update takes effect, you might need to take these additional actions:


  • If you currently subscribe to a subset of the current seven components, you must re-subscribe in order to select from the more detailed components.
  • If you currently subscribe to all seven components, you will automatically be subscribed to all of the 16 new components. No action is required.
  • If you implemented an automated notification process based on the subscription emails, RSS feed, or any other integration, you might need to adjust scripts in order to work with the new component names.
  • SAS recommends that you change the scripts ahead of time so that they use both the current and new component names. In this way, the scripts continue to work seamlessly when the new component names are rolled out to production.
  • If you do not refer to the individual component names and receive the emails or integrated feeds, you are not affected by this change. The new component names are automatically listed in any maintenance or incident notification.


For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.


Deprecated Domains
To communicate with SAS® Customer Intelligence 360, you must indicate which specific domains to allow in your firewall depending on the action that you want to perform. The following domains that were required are no longer used:



Domain List Cleanup in Environment Setup Guide
In SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Environment Setup Guide, deprecated URLs were removed from Task 6: Allow Domains. In addition, the lists in these rows were consolidated:


  • Segment downloads for direct marketing only
  • Segment uploads for direct marketing only
  • Static link node list uploads and downloads for direct marketing only


The new row, called SAS 360 Engage: Direct, lists all the required domains. No new URLs were added.




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