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What's New in the 21.09 Release of CI360
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Nested Display Conditions in Email Layout Manager
In this release, email designers can define display conditions for both an outer element group (a “parent”) and any elements that are placed inside (the “child” elements).


This feature can help save time when you configure the display rules for hiding or displaying personalized email content.


For example, you want to send an email to a customer that showcases their favorite sports figure based on the customer’s first name. You might define the display conditions for the parent element group based on the sport and define a child element that is an image block for each player.


This is the top half and bottom half of an example layout:


2109_Nested_Email_Display_Conditions (01).png


2109_Nested_Email_Display_Conditions (02).png


Here is an example of display conditions for the parent level (the sport) with the condition Customer State = ‘Football’:


2109_Nested_Email_Display_Conditions (03).png


Here is an example of display conditions for the child element (the player) with the condition First Name = ‘David’:


2109_Nested_Email_Display_Conditions (04).png


You can then use Responsive Preview to validate that your nested display conditions are working as you expect. Here is an example of how the preview renders when the parent level is ‘Football’ and the child level is ‘David’:


2109_Nested_Email_Display_Conditions (05).png


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Email)


Ability to Interrupt an In-Process Bulk Push Notification Task
As part of continued enhancements to executing bulk push notification tasks, users with either the SAS Administrator role in SAS App Central or the Configuration Admin role in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 can now manually interrupt a bulk push notification task that is in process. This feature enables you to stop a task in cases where there is an issue with the task’s processing.


In the task, navigate to the Execution page of the Orchestration tab. If a task is still running and you suspect that you might need to stop it, you can click Stop Task Execution. When you are asked to confirm the action, you are presented with an up-to-date status on your bulk push notification task. The status contains this information:


  • most recent execution start date and time
  • most recent update date and time
  • most recent metrics:
    • Total Recipients
    • Recipients Processed
    • Recipients Completed
    • Recipients Failed
    • Recipients Skipped

Note: These metrics are also available on the Jobs Monitor page.


After reviewing the information, you can decide to stop the processing of the bulk push notification task or let the processing continue.


Stop Bulk Push Notification Task



(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital)


Improved Handling of Unreachable Mobile Devices
In this release, the number of scenarios in which SAS Customer Intelligence 360 invokes a Notification Failed (notificationFailed) event for an unreachable device is expanded. For example, a Notification Failed event is invoked for devices that are chronically unreachable.


This change also means that SAS Customer Intelligence 360 stops resending push notifications to those devices that have been consistently unreachable. This process streamlines the sending of bulk push notifications and results in fewer repeat errors across different tasks.


(Available in SAS 360 Engage: Digital)


Reorganized General Settings
For improved usability, under General Settings, the following items are reorganized or renamed:


  • The Site Configuration section and all but one of the items in the Data Classification section are combined under one new section called Website Configuration.
  • These items are removed from the Data Collection section and added to the new Website Configuration section:
    • Personally Identifiable Information
    • Form Fields
    • Event Tracking
  • The Analytic section is renamed Applied Analytics.
  • The Engage Optimize item is removed from the Analytics section and added to a new Engage Optimize section.
  • The Global and Product Management sections are combined under one new section called System Configuration.
  • The Messages item is renamed Message Properties. This item is removed from the Content Delivery section and added to the System Configuration section.
  • The User Identities item is removed from the Data Classification section (which is eliminated) and added to a new section called Identity Management.
  • The Export item in the Content Delivery section is renamed Export Templates.


(Your license and role determine the options that you see in General Settings.)


Changes to Configuration Settings for Planning Items
Now when you configure settings to enable cost centers, you can select only a single currency. You cannot add and configure multiple currencies for selection in planning items. When cost centers are enabled, the currencies that you might have added are automatically archived.


Settings for configuration of the start month of a financial year and for selection of business units are no longer supported.


(Available in SAS 360 Plan)



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