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SAS Employee

I apologize everyone for the confusion. I guess I've misinterpreted the original request, or at least part of it, and provided a partial answer. What @HunterT_SAS has just replied is absolutely correct. Again, my apologies for the confusion.

Obsidian | Level 7

No problem!

Best Regards,
Patrick Posthuma
+31 06 53135462
The Netherlands
Obsidian | Level 7

Hi @HunterT_SAS,


Thanks for your answer, I think you understand what I want.

Unfortunately it is apparently not possible yet.


The desire change should be the possibility to use two variables "start selection and end selection".



TIme slider is from 1 jan 2015 till 1 jan 2020, but it should select per default the last month

calculated field  1 = Today() = 15 november 2017

calculate filed 2 = today() - 1 month. 15 oktober 2017


(Current date 15 november 2017)

1 jan 2015-------------------------------slider------------------------------------------------------1 jan 2020

              15 oktober 2017------dynamic selection--------15 november 2017


Where can I post a change request? 😉

Best Regards,
Patrick Posthuma
+31 06 53135462
The Netherlands
Community Manager

Me again, @PatrickPosthuma! Feel free to submit a product idea in the SASWare Ballot ideas section of the communities.



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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Patrick, I'm looking for the same solution, if you find out, could you share it here? If I get something about it or find out when SAS launches this function, I promise to update here.


Thank you


Calcite | Level 5
Been searching for solution. Has there been any update yet on this posting, please? Thank you.
SAS Employee
I don't think it is possible at this time to dynamically set the beginning and end points of a slider so that the last month is selected.

You can dynamically set the end point of the slider to the most recent value. You can create a filter that selects the last month.

You could also use a single-value slider to select the last month if you duplicate your date variable and change its format to a month-year format.



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