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The desire change should be the possibility to use two variables "start selection and end selection".

So it can selecter by default the last month, and still have the max and min date


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TIme slider is from 1 jan 2015 till 1 jan 2020, but it should select per default the last month

calculated field  1 = Today() = 15 november 2017

calculate filed 2 = today() - 1 month. 15 oktober 2017


(Current date 15 november 2017)

1 jan 2015-------------------------------slider------------------------------------------------------1 jan 2020

              15 oktober 2017------dynamic selection--------15 november 2017


SAS Va 7.4


Best Regards,

Patrick Posthuma

The Netherlands

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thanks for your idea. We are considering this for a future release -- in fact, it just came up the other day.

Calcite | Level 5

I am looking for the same solution.  Would like to know if there have been any updates, please?