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Hello guys,

I'am encountering a really annoying problem. Every time I open my dashboard on my monitor I see a full sharp screen with all the information available, perfect! But when I open the same dashboard on my laptop I waste allot of time to adjust all the columns and report sizes before I can make normal use of my dashboard. The same applies when I use an other smaller monitor. Is their not a 1 size fits all? I'am using SAS VA 7.5

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I suspect that you may end up having to share a lot of settings to get an answer. I don't have access or use VA to have a clue as to which so you may want to start poking around the various menus to see what the settings are to answer specific questions from someone that knows more.

Pyrite | Level 9

A@ballardw, thanks for your answer. I edited my post.

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@AK100 wrote:
 I don't know what vague information I need to add....

Almost anything that affects appearance is a potential issue. Font sizes , graphic resolution settings, image sizes, table border thicknesses, column widths of tables, almost anything that gets displayed.


Your original question is so vague all that can be provided, at least by folks that don't use this software but happen to be awake in the middle of their night, is generalities.


If you optimize, or create output, at one display size or resolution but have fixed elements, such as a font size of 20pt you may find that on one screen that 20pt element does not "fit" into a re-scaled table column width if the original width of the column was 2in but now only has 1.5in to fit on a different screen (or 5cm vs 3.8cm if you prefer).  If you set a table to use 80 percent of a screen width then you only have 80 percent of a smaller screen.


So you basically need to consider every elements size settings. Anything with a fixed size is more likely to have an issue with resized screens.


Hello @AK100,


Try setting the Fixed Report Size option. To find this, go to the Options pane and then select the report name from the drop-down list at the top.


This should ensure that the report will always be drawn in the same way. The negative to this is that the report will not fill the browser window on higher-resolution displays.


1366x768 is a typical resolution for older or lower-end laptops.





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