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What's New for CI360 in May 2023
SAS Employee

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 releases operate on a continuous delivery model which allows for a more scalable, phased approach to feature deployment. Accordingly, these release notes might be updated several times a month. Check them regularly.


Unless otherwise specified, the features listed below are General Availability. Limited Availability features are indicated. Contact your SAS representative if you have questions about a feature’s availability.


Features released on May 24:


  • Home Page: The Home page now includes key insights for mobile in-app message tasks, mobile push notification tasks, and mobile spot tasks. For more information, see Key Insights in SAS Customer Intelligence 360: User’s Guide.

    (SAS 360 Engage: Digital)

  • Home Page: Each tab on the Key Insights widget on the Home page lists the top tasks for the selected timeframe. To better reflect a task's performance, the overall conversion rate is now displayed.

    A task must be relatively active for the selected timeframe to qualify as a top task. A task is active when your message is delivered to at least 50 customers (for example, sending at least 50 emails or having at least 50 impressions for a mobile spot) or has 50 conversions in the selected timeframe.


    For more information, see Key Insights in SAS Customer Intelligence 360: User’s Guide.

    (SAS 360 Engage: Digital)

Features released on May 17:


  • Email Primary Metric: The email click event is now the default primary metric for all new email tasks. Existing tasks are not affected. The email open event was the previous default, but this event has become less reliable. Email service providers and clients often mask when a recipient opens an email as a way to respect recipient privacy.

    Because conversion rates are based on primary metrics, change the default primary metric to email open if your email does not include a clickable element.

    (SAS 360 Engage: Email)

  • Performance: SAS Customer Intelligence 360 updated the publishing process to show the most accurate status for an item. As a result, you might notice that an item remains in the Publishing state longer.

    The item moves to Active only after all changes are verified by the application. This update ensures that all backend components are updated with your latest changes before the item becomes active.

    (SAS 360 Discover, SAS 360 Engage, SAS 360 Plan)

  • Security: To improve security, SAS Customer Intelligence 360 updated the default version of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to TLS 1.3.

    Make sure that any endpoints or applications that use TLS are configured to use TLS 1.3 (with forward secrecy). For example, see Using Access Points or Connectors to Integrate with External Applications in SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Administration Guide.

    (SAS 360 Discover, SAS 360 Engage, SAS 360 Plan)

Feature released on May 11:


  • SDK Cookbook: Updated SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Mobile SDK Integration with a React Native App: Cookbook and SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Mobile SDK Integration with a Flutter App: Cookbook. See the Integrating with Hybrid Mobile Apps section in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 Mobile SDK.

    (SAS 360 Engage: Digital)

Feature released on May 9:


For a full list of new features in SAS Customer Intelligence 360, see What's New.

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