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Calcite | Level 5

One of the SAS user is not able to login to SAS prod environment. He was using the application from long time without any issue. He changed his AD password few days back and started facing login issue in SAS Prod. As we verified the log file and it show account is locked, but he is able to access other SAS environment with same AD credentials except SAS prod.


I checked with AD team and they said there is no issue at AD side for the user account. 


As per SAS log, user account is locked.


 Authenticating user XXXX via pam

Processing message 1 of 1

PAM wanted to tell us some information: Account locked due to 112 failed logins

PAM conversation succeeded

 Processing message 1 of 1

 PAM prompted for hidden input; assuming it wants a password

 Prompt text: Password:

 PAM conversation succeeded

 pam_authenticate failed: Authentication failure

 User XXXX did not authenticate. Reason: 'Authentication failure' (pam)

Request failed: 'Authentication failure'


Please let me know if you have faced this type of issue, troubleshooting and resolution. 



HR Prasad


Opal | Level 21

How is the user connecting to your Prod SAS environment. Via a SAS EG connection profile for example? If so does the profile require a stored user name and password and has he updated the password?


There are obviously other possible explanations, but you will need to provide details of how he is connecting to the SAS environment.


Suggest you urgently contact SAS Technical Support, rather than wait here for a myriad of possible suggestions.


This Comunity is not intended as a replacement for SAS Technical Support.


But please let us know the solution..

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi Prasad,


1. IF he is connecting to SAS Prod environment through SAS EG. He need to go to his connection profile and select the profile-->Modify


where he can change the password as per the Active directory password and click on "Set Active"


Check whether you are able to access.


2. If you are still not able to access SAS EG even after updating the password. Ask your SAS Administrator to unlock that user account(if it is internal account).

SAS Employee



first off, going back to one of the posts, should it turn out that this user is an internal account, please make sure that it will be changed to an external account!! Users should never be internal accounts.


Is this user's password stored in metadata? Double check the user id properties in SASMC.

Even though it is a bit combersome, clear the login & password and just simply retype it.


In the user's EG profile, verify that the user is connection to the right machine, using the correct host, using the correct user ID,

using the correct Authentication domain.


What OS is the Metadata Server running on? (you are in a metadata server env, right?)


If UNIX, maye a PROC PERMTEST might reveal more:

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