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Quartz | Level 8

Hi Experts,


Good day!


I would like to seek your help regarding Print to PDF? Is there any way to print all charts that fit into 1 page? Our dashboards has 12 to 16 Charts and Users want to see in the hardcopy that fit in 1 page or paper. I read in the SAS VA User's Guide that there are some consideration in printing to pdf. However, is there any way to print it fit or is it really a limitations of SAS VA? Also, we noticed that Custom Graph may not able to print (as in the custom graph is blank even there's data available when we run the dashboard in I.E or Google and only the title of custom graph can print) when we click Print to PDF or is it also a limitation? Please help. Thank you so much.


Appreciated much if you could share any documents for coding/programming the Print to PDF in SAS VA. Thank you.


NOTE: Our SAS Visual Analytics Designer version is 7.1 Hotfix 4.



Best Regards,


SAS Employee

Hi @Carrot17,


By default, all visible report objects (not controls) from a section should be printed in one page, similar to WYSIWYG. If you are using containers for example, only what is visible at the time you print will be printed. If this is not your case, please, clarify.


Also, I'm not aware of specific restrictions for printing Custom Graphs - I actually have a report with a custom chart and it prints well. I've tested it with VA 7.1 and 7.3.


If I correctly understood the issues you described, it might be the case for reaching out to SAS Tech Support.


There is no programming interface for printing VA reports, but I'd like to hightlight that VA allows you to schedule report distribution by email. The email message comes with an url to the live report and starting with VA 7.2, a PDF version is also attached to the email.




Fluorite | Level 6



I am using Sas VA 7.3, and I need to know if it is possible to change the default path of the printed pdfs out of the report viewer.




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