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How to use the Export Content Custom Step
SAS Employee

The Export Content custom step enables users of Viya to export their content from a running Viya deployment before the deployment ends. With the custom step, users can specify a folder and multiple Model Studio projects for export from a single interface. This feature provides users an easy way to export commonly used content types in the SAS Hackathon event. 


What is a Custom Step?


A custom step enables users to create an interface and a customized program that can be executed seamlessly in SAS Studio. They can be used to perform a wide range of tasks, such as data preprocessing, data transformation, statistical analysis, and reporting. With custom steps, users have the flexibility to customize their own programs to meet their needs and requirements. Custom Step is documented at SAS Help Center: SAS Studio: Working with Custom Steps



Working with the Export Content Custom Step


To get your hands on the custom step, download the zip file from this blog and extract the .step file. Open the Applications menu and select “Develop Code and Flows” to navigate to SAS Studio.





Open the Explorer section in the navigation pane to access the server file system and the SAS Content server locations. 





Upload the Export Content Custom Step to any directory in SAS Content server location. 






Once you have uploaded the step to SAS Content, it appears in the Steps pane, where you can edit the step. Find the Export Content Custom Step in the Steps section in the navigation pane






 Right click on Export Content and select “Open in a tab”. 





Fill in the fields accordingly. You can leave the second field blank if there's no Model Studio project to export.







To note: Please choose any folder within the SAS Content for the first field. 

You can only select one folder, preferably the parent folder that contains all the content you have created.





To note: Please choose any folder within the SAS Server for the third field.



Finally, click the Run button to execute the custom step. You can download the exported files from the Explorer section in the navigation pane after it has finished running.




There are some content types that are still not supported for export via the custom steps. They are CAS tables residing in CAS libraries, physical Astores and workflows(.bpmn). 


To learn how to export those content, refer to this.




Obsidian | Level 7

the download is not available:




Could you please, give a link to this .setup file?



Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks for sharing the steps.  I was able to get it to successfully export after ensuring that the exported location was a location under SAS Server.  Selecting any other output location caused it to error.