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Community Manager

There’s no doubt we all like to be rewarded for our activities. Whether it’s a simple thank you or some tangible show of appreciation, it’s nice to know our efforts are being recognized.


And it’s that time of year where we show you that we’re seeing your activity on the communities and we appreciate it…it’s swag time!


Swag? Show me this swag


If you’ve participated in the past, you’ll recognize a lot of the swag…but we do have one new, awesome, piece for 2019! And if you haven’t participated before…well, it’s all new!


This year you can earn a flashlight, a mini wireless speaker, a ceramic mug, a metal mug, a custom messenger bag, or a SAS beach towel:

swag photos.png


Wondering what to do with all this cool swag? Well, we just happen to have a few ideas for you, courtesy of producer extraordinaire Thiago De Souza.



How do you earn this illustrious swag?


As in past years, you can earn this swag only by attending SAS Global Forum 2019 and marking certain achievements on the community. The criteria for earning our communities swag is tied to the badges you earn on the community and your recent activity level.


To earn your choice of the flashlight OR wireless speaker, you must have provided 5 responses in the community and received the “To the Rescue” badge.

to the rescue.jpg








To earn either the ceramic mug OR the metal mug, you must have posted at least 5 topics in the community and received the “Fire Starter” badge.


fire starter.jpg








And the pièce de résistance…you can earn either a custom messenger bag (no two are alike) or a SAS beach towel by receiving either the First Accepted Solution badge OR the 30-Day Attendance badge (earned between November 2018-April 2019) AND the Motivator badge for giving 5 likes. Easy, right?





One more caveat


Remember, in order to earn any of these items, you must have some recent activity on the communities site. Our requirements are simple: you must have visited the communities (while signed in) on at least 5 different days in the past 6 months (counting back from the conference date). But that’s no problem for our communities members!


Be sure to swing by the Quad and visit the SAS Support Communities booth during normal business hours and see Super Joe or Announcer Chris to claim your swag*.


*All items available while supplies last. Visit early to make your claim!

Obsidian | Level 7

Anybody knows why I cannot watch the video?

SAS Employee
The video works for me. Try using a different browser.
Obsidian | Level 7

Works fine for me...

Community Manager

Hi @tampham92 ,


As others have said, the video seems to work fine. I suggest trying a different browser. If you continue to have trouble viewing it let me know and I'll investigate further.




Fluorite | Level 6

Are you accessing in on a work PC? That might be the issue.

Fluorite | Level 6

How do you earn the 30 day attendance badge? Do you just need to log in everyday for 30 days?

Community Manager

Hi @ross-sansom01,


It does not have to be 30 consecutive days. Simply visit a total of 30 days (or more) between November 2018 and the start of the conference. We are working on creating the 30-day badge for 2019, and will be awarding it prior to the start of SAS Global Forum. Good luck!




Quartz | Level 8
Swag is a great motivator and SAS always has great swag.
Quartz | Level 8

This is a great idea!



See everyone soon!

Zeke Torres

Chicago SAS User Group - WCSUG







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