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Quartz | Level 8



I'm learning to use the GMAP functionality but I can't work out how to control the height of the BLOCK. My GMAP code is...

goptions device=png Hsize=40cm Vsize=40cm;


proc gmap gout=region_data data=region_data map=uk_map_w_region all;
id id map_region;
block thing / blocksize=1 legend=legend2 woutline=1;
area map_region / legend=legend1;


And this is my result...

Map of the UKMap of the UK

I know that there are a lot of blocks but I'd really like to make them all about 5% of the height that they currently are so that we can actually see the rest of the map.


How can I do this? 

Meteorite | Level 14

The relzero option might help (depending on your data).


But the 3d block/bar map functionality is very limited, and I don't recommend it for any serious data analytics.


Quartz | Level 8
Thanks. I'll try that. If the block is so limited, what do you recommend I try as an alternative?

Generally speaking I want UK maps, one area per LA (local authority), grouped into regions (which currently works well) and then one block / measurement per LA. Happy to try a number of solutions. Currently using SAS EG 7.
Meteorite | Level 14

Rather than trying to show 2 things on the map at once (one with the area color, and one with the bar height), use 2 separate maps (a separate map for each thing).


Quartz | Level 8
Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but that isn't what we are looking to do. Regions are important as much as the data points. I don't think that this should be beyond the wit of man and I'm pretty sure that Excel can do it. Seems odd that SAS isn't capable. - Martin
Meteorite | Level 14

Post up your Excel map when you get that worked out - I'd like to see how they handle it! 🙂

Quartz | Level 8
Not sure I can upload work files to the web. Especially not with our data in. I might well post a review of the process. My personal laptop runs Linux and so I don't use Excel on that, but I'll post what I can. 🙂


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