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Barite | Level 11

Hi All,

If we delete  users manually, we delete their project repository manually too. Do we need to delete their user folder manually as well as it is not deleting automatically once user deletion? what else do we need to tidy up as part of user tidy up. Do we need to refresh/repair the metadata?

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi @sathya66 ,


It is not clear from your post where do you delete the user folders, in the SMC or in the Servers?
It does not require repair or refresh of metadata in SMC every time a user account is added or deleted. SAS takes care of it.

Barite | Level 11
there will be folders for each user in metadata ( Folders tab > /User Folder/<usename>
do we need to delete these folders? as these folders are not clearing down once user deleted.
Obsidian | Level 7
I believe you need to delete these folders manually in SMC. Please make sure you are first removing the user from User Manager plugin.
To tidy things further, get the user folder created at the server deleted as well. However, not sure if would like to keep records of users for audit purposes.
Ammonite | Level 13

Hi @sathya66 


By default the user folder in SMC isn't created until the user logs into an application that requires the sub-folders (Application Data, My Folder) to store some user content. Once this folder is created it will be there until you delete it manually. Deleting user will not delete the user stored content or any other information. It will just break the metadata association.


You can read more about this in the admin guide: 



User Folders
contains folders that belong to individual users. These folders are referred to as the users' home folders. The name of each home folder is based on the value of the user's Name field in the User Manager plug-in for SAS Management Console.
The first time a user logs on to an application that requires a home folder, the user's home folder is automatically created. That same folder is then used by other applications that the user logs on to.
My Folder
is the user's personal folder. This folder exists under each user's home folder. It is the standard location for storing content (for example, information maps and reports) that the user creates, similar to the My Documents folder in Microsoft Windows.
The default security settings for My Folder are as follows:
  • The folder is visible only to the owning user and to unrestricted users.
The owning user has all permissions on this folder except WriteMetadata. Only the owning user and unrestricted users have permission to add content to or remove content from the folder. However, the owning user cannot rename, move, delete, or change permissions on the folder.
Metadata repair and analyze helps you to analyze the metadata associations and repair them if required. This should only be performed when it is recommended in the metadata server log or when there are some server maintenance activity ( for eg: like adding or removing of application server context) is performed. In my experience doing a lot of metadata updates like 1000s of DI jobs can also create lot of orphaned associations. In such a scenario as well you can use this tool quarterly as part of routine maintenance task. 




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