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Calcite | Level 5


Here's my story:


Win10x64 system, multiple users, lab environment, AD-bound.  All can log and launch the application, but the person who has installed it (and has local administrative rights, of course) gets this:

ERROR: Invalid physical name for library SASUSER.
NOTE: Unable to initialize the options subsystem.
ERROR: Unable to initialize the SAS kernel.


The same happens when he tries to elevate the execution by "run as administrator". I assume it's something ins \UserProfile\AppData that is causing it, but what? I am not that eager to change any paths pointing to a shared directory since it works for others. 


SAS 9.4 software has downloaded and been installed properly. Previously  this system had 9.3, which was acting the same way. 



Suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!



Ewa Wdzieczak-Smering

Opal | Level 21

Try this as a test from the Windows Run prompt:

sas -sasuser "c:\temp"

 If there is no c:\temp directory then create it before running the test. If this starts SAS successfully then the current SASUSER directory has likely been corrupted and needs to be cleared. The folder used by the SASUSER library is defined in sasv9.cfg - search the hard drive to find this.

Calcite | Level 5
Hi SASKiwi,
Thanks for your reply! Assuming that the current SASUSER directory *did* become corrupt, what steps (other than creating a brand new Windows profile) should I consider taking? Again, everybody who logs on to that system with their AD account is able to use the application, it’s just one person (who, coincidentally, installed the suite) that is having a problem.

Apologies for being a novice here…
Opal | Level 21

I suggest deleting any files in this directory. perhaps after archiving these to another directory in case they contain anything important.

Calcite | Level 5
Will that be in the \USERS\ProfileName\AppData? I apologize for being lost. I am not familiar with the suite, I am just responding to a ticket created earlier today by a customer in a different department.
Every new user who logs on to that computer for the first time is having no issues with opening the suite. What files should I purge so that he gets the fresh out of the box experience, too?

Opal | Level 21

The SASUSER directory location is customisable so you will need to check exactly where it is. As suggested, check the sasv9.cfg file to confirm this location.

Opal | Level 21

You may find it easier to open a track with SAS Tech Support as they can remote into the PC with the problem and fix it for you.

Super User

Do all your users have a local SAS installation?

If "all users" means more than three, you should seriously consider switching to a server-based setup, as that reduces the maintenance effort drastically.


Edit: from a later post I take it that you do have a server, so that sasuser.v94 should be under the "home" directory of that particular user.

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