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Quartz | Level 8



I've inherited SAS platforms that have the following folder structure:


- Dev:        /sas/config/Lev1

- Staging:    /sas/Config/Lev1


Notice the 'C'apital c on the staging (Config). If it was MS-Windows we wouldn't bother, but it's Linux, which means case sensitive.


This adds a burden when writing bash scripts for various maintenance purposes. WHERE can we update/change the folder once it's deployed?




Thank you,




SAS Employee
That could be in a lot of place in metadata and in scripts. If it was mine I would create a symbolic link.
Community Manager

You could write your bash scripts to ignore case in the instance(s) where you're checking/using the path indicated in the post.

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Quartz | Level 8

Hi Joe,


I like your answer, but it gives me some chills as well. This sounds like 'correcting' a folder name after deployment is not possible, which is pretty sad. What if we had the following:


- Dev:        /sas/config/Lev1

- Staging:    /sas/config/Lev2


I'm still stuck with a wrong folder.:-(



Ammonite | Level 13
I would go with symbolic link as advised by @JerryV

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