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Dear SAS R&D,



I have already described case, it is in the link below:


There are 2 campaign states: read-only and do-anything.

I'm sure adding more campaign states will work wonders.

Possible states:
- an approved (read-only) campaign that can be run without the possibility of modification
- an approved (read-only) campaign, which status can be changed from approved to design


This option can be added in the business context settings.

Similar to the option to change approved campaigns to Read-Only status.


But the best solution in my opinion is the creation of a fully-fledged campaign state tuner.
On the similarity of how the process of creating and editing roles in the SAS MC is now implemented in the User Manager tab.roles.jpg

























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SAS Employee

Hi @Incin,


Thank you for sending in this feature request.


It has been entered into the feature request system.


Many thanks,