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We have a crosstab where we show a measure per day on the right side of the table.





However, when exported to excel, the dates are show as the first column. Users need to then do a pivot table.



It woudl be great to preserve the format when exporting to Excel.


Super User

You should mention HOW you get the data to Excel. I an going to guess that you actually used Proc Export or an Export wizard. Export generates data in a form used for DATA interchange not reading report.


You can generate that appearance if you use ODS tagsets.Excelxp or ODS EXCEL with your table generator.

Calcite | Level 5

We are using a simple right-click and esporting data to excel.

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thank you for your suggestion.  We are reviewing it, in hopes that it can be incorporated into a future release.

Obsidian | Level 7
I would very much love to see this feature added. It is one of the most frequent requests I get -- user has a crosstab in report viewer and they want to export the crosstab to Excel.
SAS Employee
Status changed to: Suggestion Implemented

The SAS product team received many requests to maintain both the orientation of the data and the style when exporting crosstabs to Excel workbooks. I'm excited to share that this idea has been implemented. It's available with SAS Visual Analytics 2020.1 (December 2020). When you choose Excel workbook from the Export right-mouse context menu on a crosstab in either view or design mode, you'll get the results in Excel where the layout/orientation of the data items is maintained. Likewise, your drill state and formatting is preserved, and you'll see the filter context displayed just above the formatted crosstab in Excel.


Here's a quick example.

Export to Excel Workbook VA 2020.1.1.gif