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I often have an EG project with 6+ process flows, sometimes with 10-20 program entries in one or more process flow.


I often need to search and possibly replace all occurrences of "foo" with "bar".


Currently this is impossible.  Additional options need to be added to Search to find within current program, one or more process flows, or entire project.


(Ah, the good old days:  vi for your editor, sas -sysin for your processing, and grep/sed/awk for your source code management 😉 )

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Just a comment - you can still use SAS code instead of .egp project files. You can use %INCLUDE statements to determine process order. It's also easier for version control.


Alternatively, you can still have an .egp file, but link to code externally (perhaps in the same folder or a separate code/ folder). That way, you can use grep/sed/awk, but maintain the .egp for the process flow. Sort of a compromise.

SAS Employee
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Thanks!  We are looking at this suggestion for future releases of Enterprise guide - thanks for the ideas, keep them coming!


Calcite | Level 5

In EG 8 the search function does work across process flows.