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(with EG 8.2's Enhanced Editor, Integrated Syntax Help feature


The Integrated Syntax Help feature allows mousing-over the keywords to get information on keywords.  If one, for example, mouses-over "MACRO" the program will produce mouse-over text with helpful info and links for "MACRO".  Adding this feature would add a new link to this box.  The new link would behave like the first link in the box.  Where the first link initiates a Google search in the default web browser with: "%MACRO STATEMENT"

The new link sends this to Google search: "%MACRO STATEMENT"

The new feature could add the new link like so: (orange arrow)




Barite | Level 11

I would not prefer to have a separate link, I'd prefer to just fix the link that's already there to point as you suggest, since that's the correct option.  (Or, even better, link directly to the correct documentation page, but that's probably a lot more work.)

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

And @snoopy369 I would say that we should keep that link.  If one is truly being a careful programmer, one would search to look for any SAS notes that would warn of potential errors.  its setup like that now I think for that, and its good.


Perhaps it would be better to offer two links "" and "" to make it clear that the search commands are different.

Barite | Level 11

@PhilC That seems too crowded, though.  The links offered here should be the most commonly used ones, and for the more novice programmers; I rarely need to search, and I know how to do that if I need to.  Documentation links ideally would link directly to the documentation for the specific keyword, and if that's not practical (as I assume they decided), the link to search will do I suppose.  Having too many links clutters this up and makes it less useful.

SAS Employee

Hi Phil,

From EG you can go to Tools > Options > SAS Programs > Editor Options > Autocomplete > Integrated Syntax Help >

Search Engine > the default is SAS Support but you can change it to Google or another browser.

Then, within the fly over text the link at the top will open that topic in Google or another browser.  (see image below)

Whether that is exactly what you want or not there is still the possibility the ability to better control the Help links might be

improved in  future updates for the Enhanced Editor.







Rhodochrosite | Level 12

@BillSawyer ,no, but thanks. helpful.  I should refer to this as "Integrated Syntax Help"; I'll update the main post.