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Quartz | Level 8

Hello SAS Experts,

I defined a filter based on a prompt asking the user for a year (2016, 2017, etc.) the IMS test works fine but

when I open WRS and then IM as a source there is no prompt or filter anymore. So why define it on the InfoMap level?

Moreoever when I define a new filter in WRS I can not specify the minimum and maximum digits to be entered.

Why so limited functionality in WRS?



Accepted Solutions
Quartz | Level 8
Got it 🙂 I have to select from the top navigation in WRS and check the checkbox.

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Quartz | Level 8
Got it 🙂 I have to select from the top navigation in WRS and check the checkbox.
Quartz | Level 8

hmm not that easy. The Web Report cannot be saved. When I click "save as" I get a more detailed error saying that the report can be saved because there is no prompt value. Sorry, my system is set to German 😕

Weird, I want that the user enters a prompt value for "year" as I defined in the Information Map that is the basis for the report.

The Information Map works fine. So how can I actual push the Information Map filters on the web report and use them there without breaking the report.

attached is a screen print.


You are using the correct steps to add the information map filter to the report. You should not be seeing an error when you try to save the report.


After you clicked OK in the Section Filters dialog box, did you view the report to make sure the prompt appeared and was working as expected?

Quartz | Level 8
I got it working now...sometimes. It is definately possible to save the report.



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