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Obsidian | Level 7

I`ve just finished my first development in the SAS EBI suite ...right from DI studio to Web report Studio...

Unfortunately we have not had any experience on migration and deployment of the components to a new env..

Please could someone who has already done something similar share some guideline and documents which can help us smoothly migtae from one env to another
SAS Employee
The term 'Migration' is used by SAS to denote upgrading content from 1 version to the next. The migration page: goes into this in detail.

It sounds from your description that you are looking to 'Promote' content from Dev to Prod. In 9.2, the SGF Paper from SAS
might be the best starting point.

(If you are still in 9.1.3, my Dev to Test to Prod SGF paper might be a better overview.

~ Angela Hall
Obsidian | Level 7
Hi Angella,

Yes its actually promotion of code from Dev to Prod .

Thankyou for the reference
Obsidian | Level 7
In the absence of metadata manger plugin , is there any other way we could move forward with the promotion and deployment of the metadata
SAS Employee
Don't think you'd really need the metadata manager plugin to perform promotions.
(List of functions in Metadata Mgr:

Can you add some detail on what you're working on? Specifically:
1. SAS Version
2. Content to Promote
3. Your level of access
4. Architecture (dev to prod) - different Metadata Servers, different Foundation Levs, etc.

Obsidian | Level 7
Its an end to end project ..rt from etl to webreports

SAS version is 9.2

All the componets in DI Studio -Jobs,
OLAPCubes,Information Maps,Metadata definitions in MC,workflow, All web related contents.

Yes we have admin access in SAS BI suite.




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