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Obsidian | Level 7
Hi ,

I`m trying to promote/replicate all the elements in my prjct Job flows,library from Dev to production.

Came across a few tips from SAS websites and SUGI papers....Some tips refer to a MetaData manger in Mangement Console for full promotion, some othere refer to the Export wizzard.

Since I`m new to this stuff am a bit confused on what approach to employ to have a successfull promotion to tne next env.

Please advice.
SAS Employee
I would lean toward the Export Wizard. Run from Management Console, you can then follow the prompts to select the dependent objects (in 9.2), ensuring that none of the linkages are broken during migration. Also, this allows you to choose a specific part of the content.

~ Angela
Obsidian | Level 7
Hi Angella

Would we be able to substitute values for key environment variables like server name and port nos. that match the target env using the Export wizzard
SAS Employee
For metadata elements, this is addressed within the wizard. However for SAS code (such as code nodes in DI studio or Stored Processes), you will need to estabilish macros/processes to ensure no code modification is required when moving from one environment to the next.

There are many strategies (user papers, etc out there) that provide ideas on how to accomplish this. A simple technique that I recommend is estabilishing a set of your own 'reserved macro variables' in the file (on each system Dev-Test-Prod) that are then used through out the BI infrastructure.

Obsidian | Level 7
Also would it be possible to promote the portal content as well , if not are there any toher tools to do the same
SAS Employee
There isn't a clean mechanism to promote SAS Portal content. It is typically much easier/cheaper to create content in the Portal than it is to attempt a metadata move.

Suggest creating multiple groups within the Portal (in Production) and assigning a content manager from the business to create the content for a 'test group'.
Example - two groups would exist for each content area. An 'Executive' group where all the executives are members and you are the content administrator, and an 'Executive Development' group where the business content creator can develop but none of the actual executives are a part of/can see. As the web administrator, you have the ultimate ability to reassign the content from the 'dev' group to the live area.

~ Angela



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