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Fluorite | Level 6
Wanted to know if anyone has been able to distributed a report via e-mail with url's that are active? I am using WRS 4.2 and have embedded a line of text that is linked back to a detail report. The report is delievered via e-mail but the url appears to be stripped out of the message? Any ideas?

Quartz | Level 8
You might find it is your corporation's email (Outlook?) doing this...
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 sbb
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
What does "stripped out" mean exactly? Is the report output in HTML tag format or plain-text or otherwise?

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.
I see the same behavior. I will check to see if that is expected behavior or not.
Ok, I can confirm that this is expected behavior. The distributed report is a snapshot of the results. Recipients cannot refresh or interact with the report that they receive.

This information is in the Web App Admin Guide:
Fluorite | Level 6
Ouch!!! Any idea on how to link "static content" from a summary report that is distributed via e-mail back to WRS so that users can dig into an underlying detail report. The workflow that I have is that a summary report is dropped into a users inbox and if the report captures their attention they can be directed straight into the summary report.
SAS Employee
Follow these steps.

1. Get the URL to the direct report.
When viewing/editing the report, if you click File->Email an email window should appear with the URL to the direct report. Copy it.

2. Add a header or footer in the Web Report Studio Repor and paste this URL.

3. Distribute the report as HTML.

Angela Hall
Fluorite | Level 6

Many thanks for the direction on this one as I was trying to use a text box in the body of the report. Have the following follow-up questions for you:

1. Does the header and footer support the use of embedded html code to render company standard header and footers that have developed by my web team. For example, instead of referencing the full url report link would prefer to state the phrase Report Link.

2. My report currently consists of four graphs. Any advice on how to make the graphs hot links so that the SAS rendered graphs can be downloaded as seperate images by the user for use in presentations?

Many Thanks
SAS Employee
I had attempted to include html code around the link, however this doesnt render correctly within the email received.

As for #2, can a user not right click on the graph and choose a 'save image' option?

~ Angela



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