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Calcite | Level 5

Hey Folks,

since last November we are working with Visual Analytics, since 7th May we have the newest Release 6.4.

We have created a bunch of reports, as it should be, everything is fine. In the last weeks we have developed a few jobs in Data Integration Studio to load the data marts automatically to VA.

Now my boss is asking if there a way to find something about the usage of the reports?

We have very similar questions around our WIKI, there is a Plugin for this purpose.

I've taken some deeper looks to the log files (standard configuration, nothing changed since installation), but there is nothing to find what helps.

Is there a easy way to get Usage statistics, to figure out how our internal customers (Accounting, Marketing department) use Visual Analytics?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards,


Barite | Level 11

What about Apm 9.4 and event manager?

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Meteorite | Level 14

Hi Andreas,

You may want to look at the Audit Performance Management 9.4 package and SAS Environment Manager. At SAS Global Forum 2014, Dan Lucas and Brandon Kirk wrote a great paper about reporting on a SAS VA environment touching on these areas...

Kind Regards,


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Calcite | Level 5

Hi Michelle,

thanks a lot for your post, the paper is really very interesting, because it is "hands-on" with much suggestions for the implementation.

I think we will try this way to get mor information about the usage!

Best regards,

Quartz | Level 8

If you set the logging threshold to INFO the log will contain information that you then can analyze.

You can get information about reportId, user, time, action.

Calcite | Level 5

Good Morning Allan_dk,

that sounds quiet interesting, with the logging threshold. I guess it must be the Threshold of the Metadata Server, or is it another one?

Best regards,



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