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Fluorite | Level 6

We are starting to design our reporting framework.


We have 2 questions which we would appreciate some input.


1. We need to restrict the viewing of certain reports with a dashboard which contains mulitple reports to specific user groups.   What is the best practise for this?  In SMC, best practise would suggest that this should not occur at the object level.


2. In terms of drilldown functionality - what is the best practise for restrict drilldown by specific user groups for the same report?

    i.e We may want a senior staff to be able to drill all the way down into the line level data however other staff to only access to higher level information.


Many thanks







Obsidian | Level 7

Hi There,


If you want to restrict the viewing of data or certain reports which contains mulitple reports\sections in Single Report, you need to use Administrator in SAS VA.  

First of all you need to know the imported data where it is stored stored.

Please find the attached document for detailed information.


Before applying Row-Level-Security, the User\s or Group Identity should be ready in SMC. SAS Admin will make it ready for you.


Thanks & Regards,

Venu Murala  | Sr. SAS Consultant, USA

Venu Murala
Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Venu


Many thanks for your response.  This is great.


We are using Visual Analytics version 7.1.  Unfortunately we do not have Conditional Grant available in the drop down as per your list of instructions.  I have enclosed a screenshot.


One final question, is there any way that we can restrict by variable name for particular users or user groups?


Thanks again





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