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Quartz | Level 8

Greetings everyone,


So, I have been asked to provide in a single crosstab and accompanying graph(s) for the following scenario

an overall success rate for an entire division,

an overall success rate for an entire Department,

an overall success rate for an entire Program,

an overall success rate for an entire course,

and then a specific faculty members success rate for the course(s) they have taught.

The faculty member's information comes from a dataset/LASR table of all faculty at the college and their individual success rates, but the faculty member viewing the SAS VA report only sees their information.


I do not believe this is possible if for no other reason than information being displayed is filtered by each subsequent area thus eliminating the possibility of calculating metrics for an overall data point. I am wondering if there is a some functionality that would allow the combining of data such as the overall metrics from multiple sources with the table using row level security?


The attached PDF is an idea of what the users are looking for.

The "My Courses" bar would be the specific faculty member success rate for the course(s) they taught for a given term and year.

The "All CHM1025" and "ALL CHM2046" are the overall success rates for those courses for a given term and year.

The "Chemistry" bar is the Department success rate for all courses in the given Department for a given term and year.

The "Nat Science" is the Program success rate the given Department for the given term and year.(Division isn't included here, but would be another bar titled "Liberal Arts & Sciences))


I can create each of the metrics as individual crosstabs and line /bar charts, but the users are looking to have all of this information in one crosstab and graph.


Thank you as always for your help.








Barite | Level 11

Hi @ghartge,

if showed an example of your given data (row with titles and one data row), I would give it a try.


Best Markus

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