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Quartz | Level 8

Greetings everyone!


Can someone point me to documentation on what steps to take to load multiple users into SAS Visual Analytics 7.5? I need to load about 2,000 user and one by one isn't something I am looking forward to. I checked the 7.5 User's Manual, but only saw steps for loading one user at a time.


Thank you,



Opal | Level 21

One option is to implement a process which syncs SAS VA users with Windows Active Directory users. For example if you have an AD group called SAS VA users, then any users in this AD group can be automatically loaded into SAS VA's metadata repository. SAS provides a program which can be customised for this purpose. 

Meteorite | Level 14

Hi @ghartge,


As @SASKiwi suggested there is a way to synchronise users with AD via code and you may want to take a look at the thread in the Administration board,


In this thread, a Metacoda user suggested using the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in which is a third-party commercial plug-in to SAS Management Console that allows you to do the synchronisation with AD with no code. We developed the tool to help sites where they may have an admin that isn't a programmer and wants to visualise the changes before they sync. You can read the thread above and also look at the blog post


If you'd like further information, feel free to send me a private message or use the contact us page on the Metacoda website.


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