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I am developing a dashboard that require total paid and unpaid FTE in a fiscal year or calendar year quarter.  My dataset contains a row for each active employee in a month, meaning that an employee who is active in all three months of a quarter have three rows in the dataset.  My calculation only need one active row in a quarter not three.


Here's a sample dataset of three employees (A, B, C) each with FTE of 1 in the first quarter of 2021


Jan - A = 1, B = 1, C = 1

Feb - A = 1, B = 1, C = 1

Mar - B = 1, C = 1


Expected total paid FTE for the three employees in first quarter is 3 and not 8.


If there's a document that will assist me on this, please direct me to it.


Thank You!


SAS Employee



If you duplicate the date column and apply a Quarter format, you could visualize the data that way. You could also use this Quarter column in a time hierarchy like Year>Quarter>Date that the user could drill into.


You can also use the Period() operator in a calculated item with an expression like:


Period(_Sum_, 'Product Sale'n, _IgnoreAllTimeFrameFilters_,
'Transaction Date'n, _ByQuarter_)

This calculates the sum value for each quarter.


Let us know if that helps.








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