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Obsidian | Level 7

When I view my heat map in the Editor, the days of week (Sunday, Monday, etc.) show up properly (except that I can't custom sort them - see my other post from today). 




However, when I view the same heat map in the Report, they show up as "o3Jan1960", "04Jan1960", etc.  Any ideas why?  SAS VA 8.3



Ammonite | Level 13 VDD
Ammonite | Level 13

without seeing your code it is a best guess.  I would say you are applying a format to the column that contains a date value.

create a new column that contains the string value that represents the day of the week and use that new column in your report.


Obsidian | Level 7

Yes, my calculation is

DatePart('Offence TMST'n)

And I am applying the "Day of Week" format to this.

How do I "create a new column that contains the string value that represents the day of the week and use that new column in your report."?


Obsidian | Level 7

I deleted the old data item "Offence Day of Week" and created a new one by right-clicking on the "Offence TMST" (datetime) data item and selecting "Duplicate Data Item".  I renamed the new item to "Offence Day of Week" and applied the "Day, Date" format. 


That gives me what I want -  "Offence Days of Week" of "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", etc.  However, I have the same problem when I view the report - they change to "03Jan1960", "04Jan1960", "05Jan1960", etc.


Help!  Very frustrating!

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

That's a really weird behaviour, maybe something for sas support....:)


Super User

My guess, since I have never had access to VA, is that the transform to get the day of week from a date value inherited the date variables format because you did not explicitly override it and that is what the report used by default.


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