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Dear All,


I’m new to SAS VA and I’m trying to understand how better to set up the data for a dashboard.


It seems that the ‘Data preparation’ should be the place where to change your data so that every visualisation using the same source table will automatically have the same operations done.


However I can’t find a way to:


  • Create hierarchies: I can create them in the ‘Report designer’, but this means I have to create the same hierarchies for every report using the same data source;


  • Make the aggregation work: you can see the example below.


For each ‘Activity’ and ‘Group’ I have a numeric value that represent the budget of the year (‘Forecast’), the current value (‘Actual’) and where we should be (‘Target’). The variable ‘% Actual’ represent how much budget we have already used, and needs to be an aggregated measure because we might want to see the data at the detail level (‘Activity’) or at a higher level (‘Group’)


I’ve tried different type of data aggregations (not only what shown below) but when opening the data in the ‘Report designer’ it never seems to work.


When I create a data aggregation in the ‘Report designer’ everything goes smooth; but again I would like to create the aggregation at the source so it can be used from different reports.


Many thanks for your help,


SAS Employee

Hi Gianmario,

You are correct that hierarchies cannot be stored with the LASR table.  I would suggest that you access Designer, create a new report, select your data source, create your hierarchies, and create any aggregations or calculated columns.  Then, without adding any report objects, save the report.  You can then use that report as your starting point for any additional reports that you want to create having the same data, hierarchies, columns, aggregations.  That report will act as your 'template'.   If you still feel that you need to manipulate your data in Data Builder, please describe in a little more detail exactly what 'isn't working' when you open the report, and I may have additional ideas for you.





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