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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello there!


I am using Model Studio in SAS Viya for Learners and running into a weird error in the Data Node. Here is how to replicate:


  1. Create a new project using Forecasting or Hierarchical Forecasting template.
  2. Use pre-loaded PRODUCT_CLEAN data (even though I also tried with PRICE data).
  3. Set ORDER_DATE as time variable
  4. Set QUANTITY as dependent variables
  5. Set PRODUCT_GROUP as BY-VAR (even though I also tried with other variables)
  6. Run the Data Node


Below is the log I'm getting with the error. 


Please suggest how to fix or a workaround. I'm preparing a workshop I'm teaching on Tuesday 7/11 and without by-group functionality in VFL I would have to use another tool 😣. Thank you!


The data node is beginning execution.
A lock is being acquired for execution.
The execution lock has been successfully acquired.
The input table for the project is "YVA285.PRODUCTS_CLEAN".
The by-variables are "Product_Group".
The input attributes table is "Analytics_Project_c845f4f5-0301-4c9b-add8-37aa6c388825._ATTRIBUTES".
The input time series table is being accumulated. 
An error occurred during execution: Error accumulating input data
The data node has completed execution in 0.707 seconds with the following status: "Failed".
The execution lock has been released.



Hello Natalia,


The error can be a result of lack of space on the CAS server.


The easiest way to view memory utilization rates is through the dashboard in SAS Environment Manager.
Look at "System Health"-widget >> Node Memory Usage.


Or follow instructions here :
SAS® Viya® 3.5 Administration
CAS Fundamentals

Click on >> Memory


Kind regards,


Fluorite | Level 6

Thank you so much Koen!


Yes, I checked this morning in the Viya for Learners Server, the Node Memory Usage is 10% and the BY-GROUP functionality is working!


Now, is there a way to "reserve" space on VFL or make sure I use the least amount possible? I am teaching a workshop with 30+ folks on Tuesday afternoon live (and everyone would be logged-in and actively using VLS) and I'm afraid it will be erroring-out...


Thanks for your advice!


SAS Employee



Can you please open a tech support track? Tech support can guide you to gather the information we need to help you out. 



Fluorite | Level 6

Done, just submitted. TS number is 7613821010, would appreciate a soon follow-up, thanks Michele!

SAS Employee

If I understood correctly, it worked after resubmitting it the day after. Her question now is how to prevent the error from happening again during her class. 



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