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Obsidian | Level 7



on my unix box, 


/home/.../sas $


/home/.../sas $ runsas mysasprogs/



how do i deal with the "runsas" statement in cron?


i've tried


45 8 27 1 * /home/.../sas/mysasprogs/

45 8 27 1 * /home/.../sas $ runsas mysasprogs/


these arent working.. any help on how to deal with the runsas statement?

Super User
/home/.../sas $ 

This is your UNIX prompt. This don`t belong in your crontab.

runsas mysasprogs/

This is your command. This is what you need in the crontab.

But I would make sure that all files in a crontab are called by their absolute pathname (starting with the root - / - directory), as the current working directory of a crontab job might be different from the one you were in when testing.

Obsidian | Level 7

Thank you very much...yes you're probably right.  I'm working with your advice, i'll get back soon.  I really appreciate your help.

Obsidian | Level 7

totally correct about the script.  I spoke with someone within my shop and they're going to help me with that.  This is not as straight forward as I was initially told.  I've never worked with scripts before, so i need to start now!  Thanks again for your help.

Community Manager

I like to create a shell script (example: file with all of the SAS jobs that I want to schedule at once.  Looks something like:


/usr/local/bin/sas_u8 -nodms -sysin "/u/myid/project/"
/usr/local/bin/sas_u8 -nodms -sysin "/u/myid/project/" 

To make this file executable, you need to run chmod (example: "chmod +x").  Then when I need to change/add the SAS jobs I'm running, I can just edit the .sh file and not mess with the crontab scheduler.


You can also combine a "change dir" command in your crontab with this as it runs:


30 06  *   *   1-5   cd /u/myid/project && ./

Then your logs/listings are grouped where you expect them, with your SAS files.



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