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Calcite | Level 5

Assuming the LS-mean is estimable, PROC MIXED constructs an approximate t test to test the null hypothesis
that the associated population quantity equals zero.

Is there a way to test the null hypothesis that the associated population quantity equals ONE?

Obsidian | Level 7

You could probably write a contrast or estimate statement to test it.

Jade | Level 19

From the SAS/STAT documentation of shared concepts, I found this option for the LSMESTIMATE statement:



specifies the value under the null hypothesis for testing the  estimable functions in the LSMESTIMATE statement. The rules for specifying the value-list are very similar to those for specifying the divisor list in the DIVISOR= option. If no TESTVALUE= is specified, all tests are performed as


. Missing values in the value-list also are translated to zeros. If you specify fewer values than rows in the LSMESTIMATE statement, the last value in value-list is carried forward.


What I didn't find were any examples of how to use this, but I would expect to see some in the SGF and regional SUG proceedings, so you might look there.



The TESTVALUE= option affects only p-values from individual, joint, and multiplicity-adjusted tests. It does not affect confidence intervals.

The TESTVALUE option is not available for the multinomial distribution, and the values are ignored when you perform a sampling-based (Bayesian) analysis



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