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Community Manager

It was the early 1980s and I was returning a shirt to a store that got a lot of my business. As I stood at the counter, I thought of something I was learning in school – about how computers were changing everything, including shopping.



I pictured walking into this store with coupons sent to me based on my preferences.

The store would never run out of my styles, favorite colors or sizes.

They’d charge prices I’d pay, but still turn a profit.

Never did it enter my mind that I’d ever have a computer, let alone shop from one.


What a difference a few decades makes! My name is Beverly Brown and I welcome you to the SAS Customer Intelligence Community, for marketing innovators like you. Some of you probably used SAS to engineer the shopping experience I imagined so long ago. And now there's a community where you can talk about your work!


But, first things first. I invite you to register! Registering entitles you to enjoy all the features and benefits that make community life awesome, like asking and answering questions, earning badges and advancing through ranks. If you’d rather not publicly display your name in here, no problem. Create an anonymous username. Only community managers can see your registration info and email address. Want to change your username? Let me know and I’ll take care of it.


A few colleagues and I will keep an eye on things in here, making sure your questions are answered and that this community meets your needs.


Your part?


 If you’re new in here, use these resources to acquaint yourself with the SAS Support Communities:


  • Drop by Getting Started  for helpful videos and articles.
  • If you’d like to introduce a topic that doesn’t fit neatly on this or any of our other boards, head over to Have Your Say and post it there.
  • Got feedback on the community site itself? The Community Suggestion Box is where you can post your ideas and weigh in on other users’ ideas.

Now you know a bit about me and this community. What about you?


  • Introduce yourself.
  • When and why did you start using SAS?
  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever discovered using SAS?
  • What would make your community experience amazing?


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SAS Employee

Hi, my name is Mikael Nilsson and I'm a Sr. Technical Architect in the Global CI Consulting Enablement team at SAS. I'm based in Finland and I've worked with SAS for a bit more than 5 years now. My experience with SAS started when I joined SAS and it's been an awesome ride so far! I come from a technical background and can hopefully provide some answers to the more techy type questions around SAS CI. My favorite part of the SAS CI solutions is SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, because it can be adapted to solve many different kinds of problems (not just within marketing either!).

Community Manager

Glad to have you in here, @needle! Looking forward to you sharing lots of great practical tips and wisdom.

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SAS Employee

Hello all,


My name is Elizabeth Brownrigg.  I'm a Senior Technical Writer in the SAS Publications Division.  I've been writing the documentation for SAS Real-Time Decision Manager and SAS Marketing Automation for almost ten years.  Now I'm excited to be part of the documentation team for SAS Customer Intelligence 360.  I love learning all about these solutions and showing our customers how to get the most out of SAS Customer Intelligence.

Community Manager

I appreciate you posting in here, @CItechwriter! I've enjoyed corresponding with you in the process of putting this community together. 

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Amethyst | Level 16



thanks a lot for the introductions, really helpful since I had no oportunity to meet any of you, yet.


My name is Juan Sanchez, and I am a Sr. Technical Consultant working now for a partner in the Netherlands, OCS Consulting,

This role can be understood as a "TLM Consultant" (Technical LifeCycle Management), which basically means that I do installations, migrations and apply advanced security settings.

I also have a secondary one, more oriented to functional concepts, supporting with best practices on SAS administration, coaching/consuling customers and other colleagues (sharing knowledge and learning is really fun) and reviewing the security of the data.


I have a background as Java analyst/architect which I changed to an specialization in SAS in 2008, thanks to a good old friend of mine. Started developing and maintaining SAS code, DI and CI, then moved to architecture at this moment, which helps me to learn a lot both technical and functional concepts of SAS and other solutions.


It amazes me completely the versatility that SAS provides to general questions in the business. From a "mere" analytical tool based on code solutions, SAS is now a tool which provides a great catalog of solutions. Which brings a lot of options and architectural considerations and makes the proffessional life much more interesting!



Community Manager

Hi @JuanS_OCS, thank you for introducing yourself! I've been seeing your posts on our boards since I started in my role over a year ago. You've been active for going on two years and we appreciate it. I look forward to your posts.

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SAS Employee

Hi all,


I'm Fatih Kurtoglu and I'm a Consulting Manager on Customer Intelligence solutions, based in SAS Turkey. As Turkish CI team, we do also support MEA CI opportunities and projects as well. I'm here to ask/reply technical solutions and share best practices as well. My favourite part of SAS CI is MA, MO and RTDM, so all of them 🙂



Community Manager

Hi @fatihkurtoglu, pleased to meet you. You're coming up on your fourth anniversary with SAS, so I'm sure you've been part of some great implementations. I look forward to all the wisdom you'll be able to share in the community.

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SAS Employee

Hello fellow CI enthusiasts and users!


My name is Steve Hill, and I run our Global Customer Intelligence Consulting organization. We implement all the SAS CI projects in the US, and if you've had CI implemented globally, odds are your consultant has interacted with my team for training, best practices, and some of us have even had the opportunity to meet with and work on our international projects.


I'm looking forward to having a new avenue to provide answers, suggestions and/or help to enhance your CI experience.

Register today and join us virtually on June 16! | #SASGF

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