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By Anna Aristova, Senior Consultant, EVRY


It was an interesting and exciting experience to be a part of the SAS Global conference 2019. This is an important event for all working with SAS software. EVRY has a strong SAS professional environment, which supports large Nordic customers such as Posten, Gjensidige, Helse-Nord, and Telenor. EVRY sends representatives to SAS Global Forum every year.


Personally, I am working primarily with delivery for Telenor, where EVRY supports SAS applications such as SAS 9.4 Grid, SAS VA, SAS ESP, and SAS Viya. This was my first-time attending SAS Global Forum.


Before the conference started, I did two pre-conference training express courses, which I can strongly recommend (especially the course for SAS Programming on Grid). The courses take approximately 4 hours, and you will get many tips and details during this time.


The opening sessions at the Global Forum were inspiring and motivating and gave an overview of the directions SAS software is continuing to focus on: AI, computer vision, automation, and robotics. I can especially recommend the keynote sessions by founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani, on Closing the Gender Gap in Technology, and physicist, author and futurist Michio Kaku on how new developments will revolutionize the economy, finance and our way of life.


As our team mainly delivers application operation and support services for Telenor, we were focusing on user sessions/presentations and demos related to the SAS platform administration, integration and performance during the conference. The main advantages of these sessions are the opportunity to meet SAS experts and ask problematic questions after the presentations. The sessions related to the integration of SAS Viya and SAS 9.4, SAS Environment and Grid manager, SAS Viya & Kerberos were also worth attending.


The Quad is a place where you can see demos of new SAS software, check these applications and talk to experts in different SAS areas from SAS Customer Intelligence to SAS Administration and SAS support.


During our discussions in the SAS Support area, I received several tips and help with ongoing support tracks and issues on behalf of our customer.


SAS Global Forum provides great possibilities to meet other SAS users and experts as well as to get closer to our colleagues and customers.


The atmosphere of the conference inspires to learn and develop more on SAS platform solutions. Our team has been motivated to deliver a paper for the future SAS Global Forum, and we are looking forward to joining next year in Washington DC.


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