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How the Power of Curiosity Unlocks a Career in Analytics

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In the fast-paced and data-driven world we live in today, analytics has emerged as a critical skill across various industries. Data is the new currency, and those who can harness its power are in high demand. However, the student journey to a successful career in analytics starts with curiosity – a quality that sparks the desire to explore, learn, and solve complex problems through data analysis.

Curiosity serves as the driving force behind a successful career in analytics. The story of many successful analysts often begins with an insatiable desire to understand the world around them through data. Curiosity compels them to ask the right questions, dig deeper into datasets, and uncover meaningful insights. This passion for exploration becomes the foundation on which they build their careers.

To embark on an analytics career, one must learn the language of data. This involves gaining expertise in programming languages like SAS, mastering analytical concepts, and understanding data visualisation techniques. That’s where the SAS Skill Builder for Students helps. The SAS Skill Builder is a free 24/7 online portal where further education students can learn SAS skills and earn valuable certifications that employers seek. It features e-learning, certification exam prep, exclusive certification exam discounts, and resources to inspire students and help them succeed. Its where curious minds can eagerly absorb knowledge and enhance their data, analytics and SAS skills.

Curiosity, combined with data, analytics and SAS skills, provides graduates that extra spark to become an Analytical Professional. It shapes how problems are approached with an open mind, an eye to explore multiple angles and consider various possibilities, and an understanding that every dataset tells a unique story, and unravelling it requires creative thinking and perseverance.

But a career in analytics goes beyond just generating insights; it's about driving tangible impact. Curious analysts are not satisfied with surface-level discoveries; they dive deeper to understand the implications of their findings. Their inquisitiveness allows them to identify opportunities for optimisation and influence decisions. They embrace challenges and view failures as opportunities to learn. After all data analysis can be complex, and not every hypothesis pans out. However, curious individuals see setbacks as stepping stones, enabling them to refine their approach and uncover new perspectives.

If you’re a further education student and want to build your analytics skills, the SAS Skill Builder for Students is a great place to start. If you’re naturally curious and analytics career could be for you. With SAS Skill Builder, you can develop analytics skills that can boost your career. It provides everything you need from e-learning to guided certification pathways, to exam prep and a special student price for exams. It will also help you stay motivated and inspired with information about how SAS is used in industries worldwide, ways to connect with employers, and how curious students all around the world are using their data and analytics skills to build successful and impactful career.

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