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Getting Started with SAS OnDemand for Academics

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If you have internet access and a SAS profile, you're equipped to learn SAS with SAS OnDemand for Academics. Watch as SAS' @DomWeatherspoon shows you how to get started. Several times in the video, she points to more info "below." To see what she's talking about, click "YouTube" in the lower-right window. You'll begin viewing the video on YouTube, where the additional content is available.


Click the orange button below to access documentation and other resources.


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Video highlights

0:00 – Intro

0:36 – Sign in with your SAS profile

1:13 – What is SAS Studio?

1:46 – Access the SAS Libraries/SASHELP (data already included)

3:10 – How to upload your own data


Hi @BeverlyBrown !

I just tried to sign in to SAS OnDemand for Academics for the first time and got the following error. I don't know what a federated SAS profile is. I'm using my only email address which is an one. So I don't think I can create another profile, nor do I want to.  Any idea how this can be fixed? Thanks!

Michelle Buchecker

Incompatible Profile

This SAS Profile does not meet the compatibility requirements of SAS OnDemand for Academics. You will need to sign up using a different profile instead.

If you wish to use a different profile, then return to the Sign In page. If you have no other profile currently but would like to create one, then visit When creating your profile, note that SAS OnDemand for Academics is not compatible with federated SAS Profiles.

Hi @mbuchecker, sorry you've hit a snag! Have a look at the bullets under "Why is my sign-in not working?" under the General Questions heading of this FAQ. If none of those steps remedy the situation, post back here or...even better...create a new topic on the Analytics U Community, where more experts are keeping an eye out to help. Good that you tagged me, or I might not have seen your question!

Thanks. I looked in the FAQs and none of those suggestions worked. Posted in the Analytics U Community. And I'm the queen of tagging people @BeverlyBrown ! 🙂

Indeed. And looks like you already got a couple of replies on the AU board! Thanks for being active in here. 🙂

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