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Fluorite | Level 6


I have an issue about registering sas advanced exam. I just passed base exam recently so I wanna take adv. But when I tried to register for it ,it did not show up from the exam list. I tried to search it ,it only has 'SAS advanced predictive modeling' which is another test. I did try using the exam code A00-232, still nothing found. ....

I have no idea about what is wrong with the system .  I also saw an option about the private access code, i was wondering if we need access to the code to make adv test shows?

Anybody has an idea?? plz help me out , many thx!


Accepted Solutions
SAS Employee

This is now resolved and the 232 exam is again listed. Sorry for the problems over the weekend.

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Barite | Level 11

Hi @DragonDruid,


just tried to replicate it. Exam shows without any pricate access code just after searching for A00-232:


Maybe this helps.



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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi @MarkusWeick , yes it appears in that page but the thing is, when i tried to click the schedule button, it redirected me to the dashboard of certmetrics for sas.

which look like this


it is the normal page for registration. then i did the same thing as usual by clicking the schedule/modify exam appointment.

and then i go to pearson sso.


after i typed in the exam code for sas advance, it shows that there is no results found. 

then I tried to use the name to search it


it only shows another exam but the one that I wanted.......


tried multiple times with different words, still the same.

do you have any idea about this issue? It is really weird since i can literally see all other exams available but this .



SAS Employee
For what it’s worth, I see the same issue as you. Someone from the certification team will likely respond to you tomorrow (Monday).
Fluorite | Level 6

@JackieJ_SAS Thank you Jackie! I'll wait for the response.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Jackie, I am having the same issue. Do you know when this issue will be fixed? Thx!

SAS Employee
We've reported it to Pearson. I expect it will be fixed Monday during their working hours, Central Time US
SAS Employee

This is now resolved and the 232 exam is again listed. Sorry for the problems over the weekend.

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