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How to add SAS syntax to your post

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SAS users often share sample SAS code in their community posts. We love it when you share your examples, but we’ve heard that you don't like your SAS code to look plain and colorless. You’ve been asking for a way to add color to your artisan SAS programs, just like you would see in the SAS program editor.


Here's Lainie Hoverstad explaining a new feature that we've provided.  Watch to learn, or simply read on!



The SAS communities team heard you, and the new community NOW has a SAS syntax highlighter.  You can now share SAS code quickly and easily, complete with the exciting colors you’ve come to expect. Here’s how.




When posting a new message to the community, look closely at the editor toolbar. You’ll see the familiar SAS running man icon that programmers know means “SAS program”. Click that button and box pops up. You can type or paste your SAS program in the box, then click OK to save it in your message.


Now, as you edit your message you won’t see the syntax coloring take effect. But don't worry!  When you click Post to share your message, your code will be there—highlights, formatting and all. Trust us!




Sorry I can not view at work.  Can these videos be posted directly to

Hi Experts  

Request to help me in writing SAS codes to group my data set into different bins for deriving the weight of evidence. 


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