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Quartz | Level 8

Hi Friends -


Need your suggestion on Certification for SAS Platform Administration for SAS 9


am planning to take a SAS Platform Administration certification soon by this Sep month ending


I have only 1 week to 10 days of time to take and Crack this certification at any cost


I have just only 3 1/2 years of experience in SAS Administration and not having much experience in this.


I saw some  websites in google where they are offering SAS Platform Administration  Certification Questions pool by charging some fee.


How genuine are these websites to buy the Questions pool to crack this exam, similar to these below links I saw lot of links in google who are offering Questions on Certification.


(Editor's note: Links to unauthorized content have been removed.)


Can any one suggest, whether by preparing these pool of questions will be helpful to crack the exam (or) does any one of you guys know any other  genuine good websites where i can get pool of questions (or) any other best suggestions you guys suggest in this short time to prepare and crack this exam.


I would really appreciate for your valuable inputs and suggestions


Thank you all in Advance 


Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @sasprofile,


besides myself not being a fan of those test exams ( learning answers as a "parrot" won't help at time of showing up your professionalism... but also and most importantly, several, they can be misleading, normally outdated... hence you trick yourself), they actually won't cover everything.


Instead of that, I would say that most probably your experience, if complete, 3 years and 1/2 should be more than enough to crack the exam, trust yourself.


It is also a good idea to review the topics of the learning courses, check the Course Ourlines:


Or the SAS documentation, everything is there. If there is anything you think you are not completely clear on, dive deeper and read. And, if you can, practise as well in a environment of your own (that is what helps the most!). 

Another good idea, review well how metadata authorizations do resolve... metadata authorizations is a biggy in the exam,


PS. I wonder why you have that little time to prepare: SAS gives plenty of chances to pass the exam: 12 months, 5 attempts ... more than enough. To leave it to the very-very last moment ... not a good idea. So I hope it is not your situation.


Above all: Good luck!

SAS Moderator


I work in SAS Global Certification and wanted to comment on your recent post.  DO NOT go to any of the sites you have listed in your post to get questions.  These sites post outdated and technically incorrect and inaccurate materials.  Your best source for information on how to prepare for the Platform Administrator or any SAS certification is our website.  For the Platform Administrator please visit:  Here you will find everything you need to prepare to sit the exam.


We offer a detailed Exam Content Guide which provides all the testing objectives for the exam that are covered.  This will help you to know what to study.  In addition we offer free sample questions and we offer a practice exam that is only $55.  It is similar in length and difficulty to the actual exam.  You will also find links to relevant training as well on our site. 


I encourage you to use our website as your primary source of information and the most up to date preparation materials.

Good luck to you in your studies.


Kindest regards,

Becky Gray



Quartz | Level 8

Could please tell me free sample questions means how many questions you will provide and If I pay $55 what do exactly I get in practice exam, does it contain any questions

SAS Employee

Practice exams available from Pearson are built to the same specifications as the standard exam. They will have about the same number of questions, same weighting across objectives. In the case of the Platfrom Admin exam, there are ~70 questions on the practice exam.

Obsidian | Level 7
Hi Mark,

Where can I get that please.

SAS Moderator

Not sure what you mean.  The link you posted seems to work okay for me.  Please clarify your question and I'm happy to help. 



Obsidian | Level 7
Hi ,

I have tried again it fails to open.
Please find the error message.
Cannot serve this request.

Can you please check this.
Thank you.

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi ya,


Did you pass the exam ? 


Thank you.

Obsidian | Level 7
No, Failed that exam.
I encounter more question from SAS Environment Manager mid-server application.
Thank you.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @Jamwat ,


it is OK to fail the first time you go to an exam, specially since many things new appear due to new versions.

As SAS administration is moving indeed more and more to use the SAS Environment Manager, more questions are appearing in the exam.


Now you have a better insight of the kind of questions you can expect. As long as you can read the system manuals, and practice and have a senior to raise some questions, I think you can feel confident the second time would be a success.


Best of luck with your next attempt!


Kind regards,


Obsidian | Level 7
Thank you, Juan Yes, I got experience now and spending more time in the SAS Environment Manager. Best wishes, Jamwat
Calcite | Level 5

Hi @Jamwat - I've also upcoming exam for this. I've done my preparation, but still nervous. Could you please let me know how was your experience?

I saw your response and you mentioned the exam was more focused on SAS Environment Manager. SAS Environment manager itself has much topics. Could you please let me know which topics specifically I should focus on?

SAS Moderator


The best suggestion I can make to you about how to effectively prepare for the exam is to make sure you go to the certification website page for the Platform Administration exam and download the Complete Exam Content outline.  This gives you a solid foundation to guide your studies.  


Check it out at: then download the pdf document with the full outline. 


Hope this tip helps. 



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