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I have been working through SAS Programming 1 but continue to get error messages when I work to setup for SAS Windowing Environment. Everything runs and computes properly until I get to step 3 and need to run the program. This is the error message I get below. Please help!


21 %include "&path/";
WARNING: Physical file does not exist, C:\Users\zjt75778\Desktop\SAS Course 1\
ERROR: Cannot open %INCLUDE file C:\Users\zjt75778\Desktop\SAS Course 1/
23 proc contents data=pg1._all_ nods;
NOTE: Writing HTML Body file: sashtml.htm
24 run;

WARNING: No matching members in directory.
NOTE: PROCEDURE CONTENTS used (Total process time):
real time 0.73 seconds
cpu time 0.35 seconds


Something does not look right in your path macro variable  - it should have ...\EPG1V2\data at the end.


Go back to step 2 & make sure you specified you FILEPATH correctly.

SAS Employee

That error looks like something we might see with someone using SAS OnDemand for Academics, so please double-check to be sure you are following the correct instructions for how you are accessing SAS.

This SAS Communities Library post may also help: How to create data for newest SAS Programming 1 course (with top folder EPG1V2). As mentioned there, the simplest method may be for you to use the Virtual Lab within the course - the course data is already there, so no setup required!

Super User

If you use Windows explorer to go to C:\Users\zjt75778\Desktop\SAS Course 1, do you see a file named there?


How are you running this code?  If you are using SAS Studio or EG connected to a linux server or some other server, it could be a common problem where the SAS session running on a remote server cannot see code sitting on your local PC. If that's the case, your .sas files would need to be transferred to the server in order to %include them.

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  This is the type of question that you should send to for more direct help. The problem that I see is when you are working on Windows and using Display Manager (SAS Windowing Environment), we do NOT recommend that you write the files to your desktop folder. The instructions for setting up the class data on SAS with a local install for Windows explicitly tells you to make an EPG1V2 folder on a write access location on your C: drive. 

  See if this video helps you -- it uses SAS Windowing Environment to make the data. You can compare it to THIS video, which shows SAS Studio with a local install of Windows to create the class data: .

  But if these don't help, then please send mail to



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