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optmodel is much faster than proc lp. Message was edited by: thebittersea
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Horray - glad to hear you like it. have you reconverted some of your proc lp models in production ? or were you simply building new models with the new release? I am in the SAS marketing group and am looking forward to hearing from more customers as they take the trouble to install our upgrade. not many have discovered this forum yet - so maybe thats why you haven't gotten many responses to your question. I can tell you that our consultants have several implementations of OPTMODEL running at various customer sites already.
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Mary, sorry for the late response...

We've converted all of our code from Proc LP to OptModel... in about a week. It was rather painless. The transition was much smoother than I expected. (converting from ILOG OPL 3.5 to 4 was hell!) The best part was that the entire exercise was transpartent to our downstream folks.

We had some advantages however, we've experience with AMPL/OPL/CPLEX so the 'new' SAS/OR language came naturally for us.

At any rate, our model is responsible for over 3000+ branches and 7000+ ATMs. A simple mutli-staged inventory network... 2 billion+ hard currency is being churned by SAS everyday...



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