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SAS Bowl XXIV, Ethics in Data Science -- Game Recap
Community Manager

Everyone who attended SAS Bowl XXIV, Ethics in Data Science came away with information they did not have prior to the game. Maybe you learned something about bias and how it plays a role in analytics, that SAS has created a Data Ethics Practice, or we've added software functionality to identify potential bias in models? Either way the session was super informative and a lot of fun. 


Game replay

If you want to view (or re-view) the game, catch the action in the video below.



Game Highlights

  • A quote from a SAS Bowl participant that sums up the event, "I learned a lot today, really."
  • Best joke from the chat: "You hear about the restaurant on Mercury? Great food, no atmosphere" -- player skewedLeft after a question about the hottest planet in the solar system.
  • "Imagine getting blown up and having an allergic reaction at the same time." -- host @thiago when learning peanuts can be used to make dynamite.


Congratulations to the winners

1st place - @Bruehl 

2nd place @Anne_A 

3rd place @ronan


Your swag is on its way.


Next up

On Wednesday, November 16, at 10 AM ET, we'll host SAS Bowl XXV, VS Code Extension. This recently released VS Code plugin is very popular with many SAS users. Be sure to check the SAS Communities Events Calendar  for all the details.




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