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Celebrate the 2024 Super Users and PROC Stars
Community Manager

Happy New Year, community! Annually in December, we peer into SAS Support Community activity data to identify inductees into our Super User and PROC Star programs.


If you’ve ever posted a question on our forums, you’ve benefitted from their wisdom because past and present program members author the overwhelming majority of all solved topics. In fact, the 2024 inductees alone authored more than 1,500 solutions among the more than 11,000 messages they published in the past year. Amazing!


Applause for the new inductees


@Quentin has been elevated to Super User status after serving a term as a PROC Star, joining @ballardw, @Ksharp@Kurt_Bremser@Reeza, and @Tom who also served in 2023. @Amir@Astounding@mkeintz, and @SASKiwi have ascended to PROC Star status.


Join us in celebrating this elite group, plus those who continue being helpful after serving past terms, by checking “like” or commenting below. Do both if you like!


Aspire to join their ranks? Keep posting, answering questions and generally being helpful. We could be celebrating you next year!

Super User

Wow- I clicked "Like" and it added 2-likes!  Behold the amazing power of a super user. It's an honor to join this esteemed group. Looking forward to watching the community grow in 2024.

Community Manager

Double for your trouble, @Quentin😀 Sure appreciate having you in here.

Community Manager

Congratulations to everyone! We appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with others.


@BeverlyBrown, many thanks to you and the team for the accolade. 🎉 😁


@Quentin, well done - or should I say "super"! 👍


Also, congratulations to the other PROC Stars. 😁


For my new status at least, I'm feeling a bit of imposter syndrome, even as the below log will testify! 🤣


 71         proc star;
 ERROR: Procedure STAR not found.
 72         run;
 NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.


Thanks & kind regards,



@Amir - My favourite PROC is PROC EXPLODE:

filename FT15F001 "explode.txt";
proc explode;


And of course congratulations to everyone else!

Community Manager

@Amir Maybe suggest PROC Star on the (still new-ish) product suggestion board...haha! 😉  By the way, I have invited you to join a closed group in here for PROC Stars and Super Users. Depending on your notification settings, you may have received an email or a "1" in the upper-right corner next to your profile photo. Once added, you remain a member. There's info in the right nav detailing PROC Star "superpowers." The other current and past PROC Stars and Super Users are already in there, plus active SAS employee community members known as Super FREQs (named for...what else?...our beloved PROC FREQ.) Thanks again for all your are doing to make SAS Communities awesome.

Community Manager

@SASKiwi Epic! I still can't believe we have something called PROC EXPLODE. 😂


@BeverlyBrown  - Originally I understand PROC EXPLODE was used to create header pages for reports printed on lineflo printers (continuous feed of green and white striped paper with perforations between pages). Unfortunately I'm old enough to remember these...😄


@SASKiwi, Ah yes, proc explode - a blast from the past (see what I did there 😆). I came across it in my first job in the late 90's (sorry late 1990's, for Y2K compliance), we used it on the mainframe for a report cover page; never used it since! 😂


@BeverlyBrown, Thanks for the invite, I can view the closed group as you have advised. Your gratitude is appreciated - happy to help when I can - maybe all this fanfare will help me find employment, after having searched for months 😰.



Thanks & kind regards,





Thank you for the recognition.   


And thanks to fellow PROC STARs and SUPER USERs from whom I have learned so much (and who have shown me a few things I needed to unlearn).

Super User

I did my first programming on a mainframe, at Vienna Technical University. The mainframe was a CDC 6600, the language was PASCAL. You wrote your programs on paper, then did a stint on IBM card-punchers (reconfigured to handle the CDC codes), then handed your stack of cards to the operators, and waited for the printout. A similarly "exploded" print of your job name was on the first two pages of the paper stack. Testing a program took about half an hour for each cycle; compare that to the seconds it takes with SAS now!

Onyx | Level 15

"Hey <insert a programming language here>! Our rock stars are better the yours!"


@Quentin @ballardw @Ksharp @Kurt_Bremser @Reeza @Tom @Amir @Astounding @mkeintz @SASKiwi 

Congratulations! You all are doing great job on our forum!!!



Meteorite | Level 14

HUGE Congratulations to the 2024 inductees. Amazing stats on your contributions - WOW! (Thanks for sharing this @BeverlyBrown)


It's so.... SUPER!



Barite | Level 11

Congratulations to all of you!