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A Fond Farewell to the SASware Ballot, Hello to SAS Product Suggestions
Community Manager

Effective October 3, 2023, we are sunsetting the SASware Ballot and launching SAS Product Suggestions on the SAS Support Communities.


The SASware Ballot has a decades-long history. It was once a real paper "ballot" that listed customer-sourced ideas for how to improve The SAS System. Once per year customers would mail in their votes on ideas that were curated and then tallied by SAS Technical Support. Over time the ballot "went digital" on our communities site as an "always on" repository for ideas and feedback.


In the "good old days", there were just the users, tech support and R&D -- all working together to improve SAS software experience in a field that SAS basically founded. In the decades since, the SAS software portfolio has grown tremendously, there are many offerings in the market, and we have dedicated product managers who shape the features and priorities for SAS products. Customer feedback is still extremely important, but there are also many other inputs into the product roadmaps.


The SAS Product Suggestion board was created so we can capture, review and respond to your SAS product suggestions. This board routes your suggestions directly to our Product Management team for review and allows you to share your suggestions in a public forum so other users can view and vote on your suggestions. Your submissions help us improve SAS products and we encourage you to continue sharing your ideas.


There are many factors that influence our product roadmaps and determine the features we implement. When making decisions about what to prioritize, we will consider your suggestions along with insights from other customers, our support teams, product analytics, research findings, as well as how the idea fits with the product vision.  


Visit this announcement to learn more about the SAS Product Suggestions board and how it works.




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