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Hi guys


As a new user, I wanted to leave some feedback to the site maintainers regarding my initial user experience of using, specifically that I think the communities website is very slow to navigate.


The most important thing first - there is much good content on the communities pages, which I think is awesome!  😁


Okay, on to the parts that can be improved... 😉


My experience of navigating today and before has been incredibly slow loading times and reloads between all forum actions and page transitions.


I'm a first time poster today, but have been a reader on the communities before, and I have a good fixed internet connection and other websites run just fine for me now and on my previous visits, so I conclude this slowness is communities site itself, and not an issue on my end. 


As a user, it would be very nice if it was possible to look into how to get a more "snappy" experience navigating the forum. I'm okay with actions like posting being a bit slow, but navigating categories and topics when it takes 5-10s between each page transition is painful as you are used to today's modern web pages. 


I've been using latest Chrome on Windows 10 (v. 89 today), but I experience the same slowness with latest firefox.

Super User

Noticed the same thing but have also been having problems with my ISP keeping speeds up even for their speed test site.

So I wasn't sure it was SAS.COM or my ISP.

Community Manager

Thanks for the feedback @joelh.  We regularly run page-speed tests to measure what the experience should be like.  While we haven't seen any widespread bottlenecks, we know that experience can vary based on geography, caching (or not) in a CDN, and changes in underlying dependencies (such as the header/footer that is pulled from


We'll take a closer look and see if there is anything we can do to trim the page load time.

Community Manager

@joelh Just wanted to follow up and say that we did fix one bottleneck (caused by a recent change) and that seems to have made a difference in page speed. I hope you're experiencing better response times. We're continuing to look at other ways to improve things.



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