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Quartz | Level 8

Hi Everyone,

I am new to VIYA stuff but I am trying my hand at these installs and it seems like the mirrormgr is SLOWWWW.'

Running from an Azure VM this is what I am getting....  Is it just me or are these rates slower than they should...




[ejp13@sasviya install]$ ./mirrormgr mirror --deployment-data /opt/sas/install/ --platform x64-redhat-linux-6 --path /opt/sas/install/sas_repos
Mirroring 1/8 repos/shipped/oracle/104/oracle-104-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum
49.46 MiB / 49.46 MiB [============================================================================================================================================] 100.00% 2.32 MiB/s 21s
Mirroring 2/8 repos/shipped/statviya/104/statviya-104-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum
4.89 GiB / 4.89 GiB [===========================================================================================================================================] 100.00% 4.52 MiB/s 18m29s
Mirroring 3/8 repos/shipped/txtminspa/104/txtminspa-104-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum
135.84 MiB / 135.84 MiB [==========================================================================================================================================] 100.00% 4.03 MiB/s 33s
Mirroring 4/8 repos/shipped/va/104/va-104-x64_redhat_linux_6-yum
7.35 GiB / 30.80 GiB [================================>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 23.88% 4.93 MiB/s 1h20m58s

Ammonite | Level 13
Depending on your location and network it could be slow. It took me more than 12 hrs to download ~12G so I think it's normal.
Opal | Level 21

Compared to a typical 4-6 hour download of a SAS9 depot of similar size I'd say that is pretty good performance...

Super User

A quick calculation gives me a speed of 1.6 MB/sec, which roughly translates to 20MBit, a speed commonly found for DSL connections to the internet. So it all depends on how ypour site is connected to the iternet, and if you have any quality management on your firewalls (it may be that single sftp connection is limited to a certain bandwidth).

Quartz | Level 8

Well this is straight to an Microsoft Azure VM so I really expected some higher speeds.... Oh well

Super User

Azure is just a cloud service, the internet connection and the firewalls between it and the SAS website still play an important role. Downloading a whole SAS depot for a BI server is always a one-day job.

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