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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hello all.  I ran into an issue doing managed password update.  Some important aspects to keep in mind:


Topology: 3 machine (meta, comp, and midtier)

OS: RHEL Linux 6.x

SAS Ver: 9.4M6

Issue 1

  1. All internal passwords were lost.  Reset sasadm@saspw, but no other available.  - successful
  2. Directly altered SAS WIP Sharedservices (dbmsowner) to enable update pwd via SDM - successful
  3. After complete backup, we started with sas meta node (metadata server and WIP  running)  rest of the services were stopped on all 3 nodes.
  4. Noticed that sas.servers status showed evm agent as UP but during start/stop the prompt would not return.  It was stopped directly.
  5. We selected all 3 internal account passwords to change one was sasevm@saspw. SDM right away errored w note that the EVM agent needs to be updated on  EVM manager host and change manager & agent first then start at meta (i have paraphrased from memory here).
  6. Going to midtier node to follow the SDM note, we get the 

unable to connect to database with the specified connection information

which made sense since we reset Sharedservices pw to allow the password update and midtier process could not connect to WIP on compute node due to old & new pw issue.


We are also thinking to change all non EVM related internal account pw (by not selecting evm related IDs on all nodes).  However this is not desired outcome.  


I would like to seek your suggestions re troubleshooting or even what I am doing wrong. I need fresh perspective as I am staring at it for a while.








Opal | Level 21

What instructions did you follow? Did you refer to this doc for Updating Managed Passwords? Note EVM password management is done in EVM itself, not in the SAS Deployment Manager.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi yes, I have been following the sas doc.  I did see that the EVM is a diff beast for changing password blurb but I was unable to find in EVM User guide or EVM Admin guide where instructions are given to change EVM related password.


I stand corrected, my version is M4 not M6


In the SDM log there was an error regarding change EVM agent etc pw on the EVM mgr host first.  Could you point me where I could gt the update evm* pwds in evm> (how to)?


TY in advance


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

looking in evm user guide again

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10


this is talking about using SDM.  (page 64, Ch 7)




Perhaps I am missing something.  Do you know where the instructions could be found for EVM based pwd changes.

SAS Employee

sasevs@saspw is the only SAS Environment Manager account whose password must be reset on the middle-tier host first. 

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
TY for the clarification, so the instructions I found and posted would suffice. TY. i will provide a detailed reply once I have attempted.

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